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What is Nonduality? Who am I?

by James Traverse

What is Nonduality
What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is the ‘Living Understanding’ that Source,

by whatever name,

and ‘How It Appears’ are Not-Two things.

~ ~ ~

How does It Appear?

Just as a whirlpool in water is a form made out of

the ‘Flow’ of water;

‘All That Appears’ are forms made out of the

‘Motion’, the ‘Expression’ of Source.

Just as it is the nature of Love to Love, to express Itself,

it is the nature of Source to express Itself.

Just as the Tao of the Tao Te Ching cannot be named; Source cannot be named,

yet it is not unknowable.

Mentally labelling the expressions of Source is a way of knowing,

yet mental labels are not the thing itself,

because the menu is not the meal.

What is Nonduality, or Source, How is It known?

Source, Nonduality, is known via ‘Knowing as Being.

In other words Source is known by Being It.

A way to speak of this quality of knowing is that it is the Absence of Absence.

It is Presence that is, when even the mental idea of Absence is Absent.

Then there is knowing that Knows Itself.


You Are That!

I AM THAT I AM is the Whole Truth.

BE STILL AND KNOW is The Method.

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