Be Still and Know Beyond Book-Learning in 2023

“Who am I when the mind stops talking?” This question can only be answered via experience. Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey Audio: Yoga Nidra Yoga with James Traverse Presence – You cannot know WHAT you are, yet you can know THAT you are! I AM THAT I AM is the whole truth. BE STILL […]

The 12 Principal Upanishads of the Vedas

The Upanishads are the cream of the crop when it comes to Hindu philosophy. They’ve been described as “the eyes of wisdom” and have stirred up an age-old debate on how to live a meaningful life. The Upanishads are a collection of ancient Hindu scriptures that contain philosophical and spiritual teachings. They are a part […]

From Information to Insight: Journey From Knowledge To Wisdom

by James Traverse The journey from knowledge to wisdom is a long and arduous one, with many stops along the way. But there’s an interesting theory that suggests it can be done in three simple steps: From Information to Insight. Could this be true? Could something so seemingly complex and difficult to achieve actually be […]