- first there is a mountain

then there is no mountain

- then there is

~ Zen Proverb




by Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D



The background of all Doing is Being


First there is a mountain.

You clearly see the mountain. You know that some have climbed to the top of this mountain - you decide, 'I will climb it as well'.


Then there is no mountain.

You are climbing the mountain. The trail goes up and down, back and forth, and sometimes you can't even find the trail. In spite of all your preliminary thought and preparations for this trip, you have not thought of everything. No wonder. You have never done this before, never been here before, never experienced this part of yourself. If you are not actually lost, you feel lost. Here you learn to accept your mistakes and see them as lessons. One thing for sure, if you don't change and adapt successfully to the new conditions, you are in trouble.

At this point, you cannot see the mountain because you are too close to it... the wisest thing that you can do is to relax and remember that the Laws of the UniVerse are a Certainty - please read that again - Relax your Conscious Mind - The Laws of the UniVerse are a Certainty. This journey is the process of aligning with and following those laws; you cannot see it because the process is You. Thus you continue and at the time that is just right for you - in the distance you see the peak.


Then there is a mountain again.

You are at the peak. You see the mountain in a completely new way.


Your conscious mind approaches this journey from the bottom to the top - it creates a logical plan for you to get to the top. Your subconscious mind starts from the other end - its focus is the feeling of success of having achieved your goals - the feeling of already having arrived. The experience of the current moment is the Living Relationship of your two minds. You have the power to choose which one you give attention to (you can also allow them to find their own balance - like allowing water to settle down).


Which one should you choose to attend to?

The solution is always in the situation as a living answer.

How does this help you to choose between the activity of your conscious and subconscious mind?

The living answer is to choose the one that is appropriate to the moment. For example: if you are engaged in thinking as worry or fear, your conscious mind is overactive...relax it; if you are engaged in feelings as wishful dreaming and hope and yet never take action, your subconscious mind is overactive... then refocus and create a logical plan to make your dreams real. Thus there are times when it is best to emphasize one or the other, and yet when you see that you are almost always thinking, then you understand that you will make the most progress by learning to relax your conscious mind.



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