Energy Body Yoga

Are you ready to Enter a New Dimension of Yoga?

Scientists have demonstrated that at the core of all matter lies Energy  

- and the Physical Body is no exception...

The Real Body is the Energy Body!

You will need to understand the key principle regarding the Energy Body

and how to apply it - I reveal this and just how to apply it on Page 25

- see the highlighted text box at the bottom of that page!

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Hello, it's James Traverse

James Traverse

I've been involved with Yoga and Spirituality since the mid 1970's and with Energy Body Yoga since the early 1990's. I learned about Energy Body Yoga and Kashmir Shavism from my teacher Jean Klein.

What is the Energy Body and why is that important to you?

The Energy Body is Motion.

Breath Flow and Blood Flow are Motion.

Motion Appears as the Movement of the Physical Body.

 Heart of Yoga

You can see from the image above that this practice is as simple as Breath Flow and Blood Flow

Yet that Flow is Energy and with Energy Body Yoga you learn to direct that Energy

as a New Dimension of practice for Health, Well-being and Spiritual Attunement!

Nisarga Yoga is Energy Body Yoga. This approach is based on breath awareness and the traditional art of Listening. Yoga is never about straining, and equally it is not about collapsing. It is always about stretches and actions that are appropriate to the moment as they are revealed through innocent attention to things as they are now. In this way you are in tune with the natural order of things.

The means is listening to the motion and movement of your breath and blood, and since breathing is life, the result is harmony with the flow of life.

Our knowledge-based societies are wondrous, and yet they cause a loss of freedom because they have entrained folks to live in their heads, in a world of concepts and ideas where they exclusively identify with their name and form. The problem with this is that it is real and only half-true. This is so because although knowledge based mental formulations are fine functionally, mistaken identity causes your energy motions to be locked into mechanical patterns of neuro-muscular tensions whereby you no longer perceive your true body. In the latter case what you perceive is an image of your body as an intellectual formulation of what your sense doors and brain perceive as the physical body. In this way your body and relationships become static ideas, rather than things that are living, things that are felt.


At the heart of all matter lies what scientists call energy, and your body is no different. Your Energy Body as motion is the template for the movement of your physical body. In yoga practice the name for the principle of flow that is your vital life-force is prana or chi. Prana flow surrounds, permeates and animates your physical body. Breathing is your bodymind’s primary connection to this life-force and all of your bodymind’s activities depend on it. Just as you take food and water to feed your physical body, the prana or flow energies feed and saturate your energy body. Thus your body form in its wholeness has a much greater extension than you have been taught.

Your Energy Body is awakened through innocent attention in the timeless present. In this listening you allow your physical body sensations to unfold without anticipation and your concentrated, knowledge formed I-image has no role to play, it is no longer involved in reactions. First this energy is felt in particular parts of your body, localized, and later you come to the whole body as one mass of innocent sensation - the global sensation. It is this energy-flow feeling-motion that is the real healing factor in your body form. Instead of the old pattern of heaviness, blockages, resistance and density, your body feels light, transparent and expanded in space. You feel a borderless openness; you are one with space – your heart is in accord with the heart of nature.

This heart centered feeling of openness and expansion frees you from ego- centered activities and leaves you open to the timeless. Otherwise your body is largely a defense mechanism to maintain ego-centered being. When you approach yoga poses without first understanding and connecting with your energy body you merely reinforce old encrusted movement patterns and your practice is repetitive, tedious - a chore.


The Poses: Movement~Motion of the Energy Body

When you explore a yoga asana, pose, live from moment to moment in the physical sensation, be one with the feeling, without the forcing or straining that comes from mentally driven activity. Allow the pose to unfold organically [knowledge has its place - do allow the motion of understanding the form mentally, yet do not mentally impose the form onto your body].

Then your muscles, your whole psychophysical structure works in an entirely different way. There is a total integration as your pose is animated from the inside [prompted from the motion within]. In this there is no repetition; each time you explore a pose, it is fresh, it is a new - now.

Motion and movement are two aspects of a deeper unity, which is yoga.

At times it is helpful for you to rehearse a pose by exploring it first on the energy, mental/feeling level [without moving your physical body], then do the pose physically.

·         To do this, begin with concentration and focus attention as you explore the feeling space of a pose - here energy follows attention.

·         Then switchover and do the pose physically by letting attention follow energy – here you let your physical body move into the template that you established with the motion of your energy body.

In this way you can reverse the order of your practice from concentrating and then meditating, to meditating and then concentrating; the result is that you realize greater freedom from old patterns and restrictions. Each yoga pose stimulates particular parts of your body and the greatest benefit, the re-orchestration of energy that occurs during your practice, flowers into all aspects of your being.

 Heart of Yoga1

Breathing: Motion and Movement - Do More with Less Effort

Motion precedes movement. Movement reflects motion. The harmonious union of motion and movement is yoga.

Breathing is the inter-woven relationship of your respiration and circulation, as the flow of your breath and blood. The same restrictions that afflict your body and mind can also been seen in your breathing. Through fear, tension, and deriving your identity through the content and activity of the movement of your mind, your breath is largely reaction [rather than action]. This causes you to grasp your inhalation and push your exhalation as a continuous psychic manipulation.

In energy  yoga practice you learn to listen to your breath and blood, feel it in different parts of your body and in the global sensation. In this way you give breathing the opportunity to become spontaneous, natural, as in infancy.

Breathing, prana, and certain yogic techniques like ocean breathing help calm your mind and stimulate and harmonize your body’s energy. Emphasizing the stillness between your breaths and heartbeats, which is the background space of all breathing, facilitates spiritual attunement that flowers as a living understanding of yoga.

The current of breathing as the inter-woven motion of your breath flow and the movement of your blood flow, or respiration and circulation, is the single greatest secret of all esoteric traditions. The current of your breathing is the means of living yoga; breathing flow is the essence that animates your body and mind and facilitates all of their activities.


Freeing Your Senses

A significant aspect of the practice is the space associated with the deep relaxation of your sense doors: skin, mouth, nostrils, ears, eyes and brain. Unconsciously your senses have also become entrained in grasping, which means they are localized, contracted and tense.

Through the use of mental clarity, listening, and allowing the sensation to unfold, there comes an openness and relaxation. Objects are allowed to come to your sense doors, and you are enabled to live as and with pure perception [without the accomplice of your mentally formed I-image]. This is the space of innocent attention where your senses are free and your whole body-mind complex participates in seeing, hearing, etc.

Transposing the Teaching - the Ease of Being

It is important that the understanding gained through yoga practice be transposed to all aspects of your life. When you are no longer identified with an I-image, an object or a memory, you are not bound psychologically to a situation, you live in your wholeness, and solutions to the challenges of life unfold from this global understanding. Only then are you truly functional.

In the Art of Listening, the I-image is absent, you are space and silence, and the old mechanical patterns of fear and tension have nowhere to take hold. This is the abiding stillness of yoga.

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FAQ - Can you give me another example of working with Energy Body Yoga?

Yes - Observe Breathing and ask, 'Does observing Breathing change it?'

Observing Breathing means that you are giving it Attention and

Giving it Attention means Energy - You will notice that Observing Breathing

Causes it to Both Slow Down and Deepen - that is an example of Energy Body Yoga!

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Peace Now ~ Love Always

James Traverse

ps: Please do not be confused. Energy Body Yoga is not yoga of the Subtle Body or Chakras

 - these practices have their place yet Energy Body Yoga is distinctly different!

pps: Energy Body Yoga is the Way Home

- this is essential for anyone who wants more than just physical yoga!

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